President Speech



My fellow Nigerians and ASWAON (W) WOMEN, I stand on their behalf to say welcome to these great occasion of ASAWON (W) (10) years Anniversary, Honoring New Parents and launching of our ASWAON headquarters.

Let me congratulate ASWAON (W) for turning and marking their 10 years in existence today and congratulate all of you on your personal decision to join ASWAON (W) family. I want to tell you that have visibly opted to join the selected people to manifest an uncommon class of citizens. I can report to Nigerians despite where we find ourselves that we have achieved a victory to some extent (through mentoring in schools on love, peace and unity of Nigerians) for safer Nigeria for our democratic value and for a stronger Nigeria.

OUR Nation Nigeria is a great country; it is the largest nation of great people in the world. It is blessed superlatively with Natural and human resources above many nations of the world. And I want to expressmy profound gratitude to our women that day after day, night after night, they seek to found out where they can help our members from another regions in the north that are affected with terrorist attackers to harbor them in their house pending when the government will ask them to return to their base. I asked every Nigeria to join me to say Thank You: you have made us very proud as ASWAON (W) women.

For these ten years, we have been contributing to the national development in our own way we never cease going to schools and state mentoring them on love, peace and unity of Nigerians, we do offer gifts to more attentive student we also offer support through given of uniforms to hearing in-pained schools. Offer breast cancer screening without help from any government or individual. We have been inaugurating other states too visiting motherless babies’ homes in Iju.

We have been empowering our women through international networking to see that those that doesn’t have job will have something to feed their homes on that we give out N55,500 (Fifty five thousand five hundred naira) worth of product per person from green world wealth solution company. Presently we have given 98 members out of 34,000 (Thirty four thousand) women. On this we need help from our parents. The weight and size of ASWAON (W) is much that without ASWAON (W) Parents we won’t move as expected and as the president of the association, I am determined to offer leadership through getting our parents involved to overcome our current challenges in all.


We except government at all levels to vigorously pursue programmes include scholarship, bursary awards to both male and female student and whereby education could be free, we would so much so much appreciate it for our children, while Mass adult Literacy programme should also be pursued to raise the level of education of our citizens. There is a saying that “when you educate a woman you educate a Nation. Material health for all women is a right to demand from our government kudos to Bayelsa State Governor, Rivers State, AkwaIbom, Anambra State for their massive support in that area and we ask that others should borrow a leaf from them.

Women should also be considered not only for government appointment but for contracts too.

Hence we draw the attention of government to insecurity of lives and properties, women and our children are the most affected. Herdsmen activities must stop we don’t know how government will do it but we want it to stop.

Also we want govt. to reduce the salary scale of NASS.

To develop rural area in Nigeria States.


1. To gather and mobilize women to advance the course of family and nation building.
2. To mentor in schools on love, peace, unity and proper service to Nigeria
3. To gather on the basic of non-tribal and non-religious inclination.
4. To inculcate good value system on their children beginning from then home upbringing
5. To support our Husbands and youths among us.
6. To organize seminars for the orientation and empowerment of our women folks and children

Note that we exist to meet the needs that are lacking in the areas of genuine love, peace, unity, dedicated voluntary service and respect for human rights respect and care for the needy and elderly and inculcation and sustenance of enviable moral standards. .

My fellow Nigerians, I want to tell you that this is the first NGO in the history of Nigeria where new generation of women emerged with a clear vision and distinctive focus without having recourse to what other women has done AWSAON (W) simply came out for absolute rebuilding reorientation of Nigerian Youths, Children and men. The basic value is in respect of lifting Nigeria up anywhere, any place and anytime that no foreigner will be allowed to condemn Nigeria before Nigeria youths. Nigeria is a great nation and all must accept that whether you feel disadvantage before or not, we are telling everyone that ASWAON (W) is the answer to make Nigeria the best place. The Government should help us to limit the down trodden. Every Nigeria should be of average. No poverty at all.

We are bringing new parents into the fold of ASWAON (W) Also we are using this 10 years anniversary to launch a N72.100,000 (Seventy two million one hundred thousand naira only) ASWAON headquarter project.

The ASWAON (W) Headquarter which we will launch today will help the association to properly be identified. We agree to have two headquarters in Nigeria bearing in mind the vast nature of our country and our membership base. So we made the choice by picking ballot and Enugu State and Adamawa State emerged.

The ASWAON (W) headquarters will help ASWAON (W) to save cost in pragrammes because ASWAON (W) will use their headquarter as venue at all times. In the headquarters building we will have aged people’s home, and hall to make the place lively for our aged parents living in.

In general, we want the youths to stand to their challenges in Nigeria and believe on what they can do for their nation as John F. Kennedy made in his speech on that we asked our youth to hold their head high we can win by our ideas, we must not lose anyone of you through herdsmen participation and attack book haram style of recruitment, drug addicts, abortion, cultism, suicide bombing, kidnapping, violence among ourselves inform of Alaye, Alkmagiri and Agbero.

We are ready to turn you around as good sons and daughter of our great nation and wherever you are, I challenge you to hope and to dream love, peace. Unity and proper service to your nation. Do not stop with the way things are. Just like we reject the prospect of the failure or mediocrity of an inferior quality of life for our children.

In conclusion, we have endured a long night of suffering with Nigeria spirit. I quote Richard Niton so let us go forward firm in our faith as one nation steadfast in our purpose and be cautions of the dangers of returning back to the past but sustained by our confidence in the will of God and the promise of man I want to leave all of you her with the word of Ronald Reagan that the future does not belong to the faint hearted. It belongs to the brave so be brave to achieve. I speak to the YOUTHS OF Nigeria. Thank you all.

Barr. Dr. Mrs. Temple Nnedum
President General.